woensdag 7 augustus 2013


Ik hoef John Cale toch niet meer te introduceren?

John, geboren in Wales , woont tegenwoordig in Amerika. Dit nummer " All Summer Long" is verschenen bij Domino Records

Zelf schrijft hij over het nummer:

" When writing for Shifty Adventures I noticed an apparent theme of claustrophobic darkness and so of course, I felt at home in that place. There were though a handful of songs unfinished. One in particular was me dreaming about a breeze, space and light. Recalling those early days in my sticky, sweltering NYC flat - how I'd heard summer from the West Coast - thinking how the California landscape informed a vibe that churned out Brian Wilson, Herb Alpert and that strange sexy breeze in your ears. Since the album was predominantly located in the darker, eerie swamps of 'Nookie Wood' , it seemed like the wrong place to put this song, but now, just feels right to let it out..."

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